About Us



ROCA Toys helps parents teach their kids  through play the importance of being kind and caring human beings.

Our toys are more than just learning toys for basic skills, but also learning tools of human values that will help build kids character and help them grow into caring and kind humans.

We at ROCA understand the challenges that parents encounter during this current times when trying to teach our children the importance of human values and social responsibility, and this is why we design our toys with all these new generations in mind and try to bring parents and teachers the tools to help them introduce this important concepts during playtime.

We believe in high-­quality play. We pay attention to every element of the creative experience, ensuring the materials in every box meet the highest standards so that every creation can be played with again and again. Children's safety is of the utmost importance to us, so each product comes with our promise of first-class materials and tools, tested to the world's highest safety standards.  

So come aboard with us in this fun and exciting ride and remember to have fun and enjoy every minute you spend teaching and loving  your little humans!!